70X100cm Lustrous Foliage Dark Wood Framed Canvas Wall Art

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Dive into the ethereal beauty of nature with "Lustrous Foliage." This 70cm x 100cm artwork offers a striking contrast between the shimmering gold and white upright foliages and the dreamy shades of blue that serve as their backdrop. As your gaze moves across the canvas, you'll encounter a gradient of blue tones, transitioning from light to dark, evoking the tranquility of a twilight sky. The blue hues gently blot and meld into a pristine white background, adding depth and a sense of space to the composition. The delicate blend of hand-painting and print brings the foliages to life, making them stand tall and proud amidst the serene surroundings. Encased in a sophisticated dark wood frame, "Lustrous Foliage" is a testament to the harmonious interplay between color and form, capturing the essence of nature's elegance.

Size: 70X100cm
Depth (thickness) (cm): 3.7cm
Frame colour: Dark Wood
Materials used: acrylic, canvas ,fir wood, polystyrene frame
Finish: 50% Hand painted + print
Hanging inclusions: Hooks included and pre-installed.
Assembly: Not required
Product weight (kg): 2
Package dimensions (cm): 103.5x5x74
Package weight (kg): 3.1

Frame Details
Stretched and gallery wrapped around a wooden stretcher and finished with a floating frame. There is a gap between the frame and print, which creates the floating effect and literally makes the canvas print stand out even more.

Returns & exchanges
Because all of our artworks are hand-painted, We can't accept returns unless they arrive damaged or defective

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