90X120cm Serene Radiance Champagne Framed Canvas Wall Art

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"Serene Radiance" is an evocative portrayal of spiritual tranquility, capturing the essence of Buddha in a close-up, almost intimate rendering. Bathed in soft hues of light grey and white, the visage exudes an aura of peace and introspection, amplified by the closed eyes that hint at deep meditation. The gold highlights delicately accentuate the facial contours, adding a touch of opulence to the subdued palette. This ethereal face occupies the majority of the canvas, with the three-quarter positioning allowing for a glimpse of the serene light blue backdrop on the right. The choice of a champagne frame complements the artwork, elevating its elegance. Crafted with a blend of hand-painted and printed techniques, "Serene Radiance" serves as a poignant reminder of the inner peace that lies within, beckoning viewers to pause, reflect, and find solace.

Size: 90X120cm
Depth (thickness) (cm): 3.7cm
Frame colour: Champagne
Materials used: acrylic, canvas ,fir wood, polystyrene frame
Finish: 50% Hand painted + print
Hanging inclusions: Hooks included and pre-installed.
Assembly: Not required
Product weight (kg): 2.2
Package dimensions (cm): 123.5x6x94
Package weight (kg): 3.5

Frame Details
Stretched and gallery wrapped around a wooden stretcher and finished with a floating frame. There is a gap between the frame and print, which creates the floating effect and literally makes the canvas print stand out even more.

Returns & exchanges
Because all of our artworks are hand-painted, We can't accept returns unless they arrive damaged or defective

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