100X100cm Lustrous Celestial Harmony Light Wood Framed Hand Painted Canvas Wall Art

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This wall art boasts genuine hand-painting on premium canvas with a floating frame, Crafted with care and precision, setting it apart from ordinary prints. *Please note: As each piece is hand-painted, minor variations in detailing may be present, enhancing the unique character of your artwork.

An evocative hand-painted masterpiece, "Lustrous Celestial Harmony" spans an impressive 100cm x 100cm canvas, framed beautifully with light wood that complements the primary white palette. The artwork captivates with a mesmerizing circular design, invoking the cyclical nature of life and the universe. At its core, two intertwined gold rings emerge, symbolizing unity and eternal bond. Interspersed throughout are delicate petal motifs, representing nature's bloom and ephemeral beauty. Soft, ethereal feathers dance around the periphery, adding an essence of freedom and fragility. The thick texture technique utilized gives depth and dimension, inviting the viewer to get lost in its myriad intricacies. Every brushstroke tells a story, making "Lustrous Celestial Harmony" an enchanting conversation piece for any space.

Size: 100X100cm
Depth (thickness): 3.7cm
Frame colour: Light Wood
Materials used: acrylic, canvas ,fir wood, polystyrene frame
Finish: 100% Hand painted with thick texture
Hanging inclusions: Hooks included and pre-installed.
Assembly: Not required
Product weight (kg): 3.9
Package dimensions (cm): 103.5x5x104
Package weight (kg): 5.4

Frame Details
Stretched and gallery wrapped around a wooden stretcher and finished with a floating frame. There is a gap between the frame and print, which creates the floating effect and literally makes the canvas print stand out even more.

Returns & exchanges
Because all of our artworks are hand-painted, We can't accept returns unless they arrive damaged or defective

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