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An 8-point massage while you're at work? Sounds simply too good to be true? Actually, it's absolutely spot on with our 8-point Massage Office Chair.

So as you seat in the well-padded high-back premium faux leather seat, you can have at your fingertips a remote control that brings on a soothing eight-point massage aimed at four different parts of your body: upper and lower back, hips and thighs. Choose from five vibration modes as the massage chair systematically does it magic to relieve back tension, soothe aching muscles and provide all-round comfort. You can also set it for 15, 30 or 60 minutes duration with four intensity levels to choose from. And that's not all. It also comes with a retractable footrest that allows you to put up your tired feet for much needed solace.

Naturally, the office chair itself is not short on exceptional qualities too. A S-shape contoured backrest, lockable recline adjustment, heated lumbar function and padded headrest and armrests all work in tandem to cup your body in complete luxury.

Take the stress out of your work with our 8-point Massage Office Chair today. Rest assured, every work day is a comfortable one.


Fully wrapped premium PU leather

S-shape high back design

Cushioned lumbar support

Thick multi-layer padded seat

Adjustable lock-back support

Up to 135° back recline adjustment

Padded headrest and armrests

Retracted padded footrest

Heated lumbar function

Five vibration modes - Pulsate, tapping, rolling, auto, kneading

Eight massage points at 4 levels - Upper/lower back, hips, and thighs

3 Timer settings - 15min, 30min, 60min

4 vibration intensity levels

360° swivel

Height adjustment

Remote control

Remote controller pouch

Five dual-wheel castors

SAA plug approval


Power: 240V/50Hz

Power cable length: Approx.174cm

Colour: Black

Package Content

1 x Massage Office Chair

1 x Assembly Manual

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